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MC App- Danny the Phanpy by ArtyyTart MC App- Danny the Phanpy by ArtyyTart

General Identification ]
    Bullet; OrangeName: Danny Kinsly
    Bullet; OrangeNickname(s): Dan, D, give her one
    Bullet; OrangeGender: Female
    Bullet; OrangeAge: 23
    Bullet; OrangeBirthday: October 22nd
    Bullet; OrangeOccupation: Mechanic

    Bullet; OrangeSpecies: Phanpy
    Bullet; OrangeType: Ground
    Bullet; OrangeMoveset:
  • Defense Curl
  • Take Down
  • Endure
  • Charm

Personal Information ]

    Bullet; OrangeNature: Sassy
    Bullet; OrangeCharacteristic: Sturdy Body

    Bullet; OrangePersonality:
  • This Phanpy is a friendly girl who'll take a liking to a person rather quickly. Though she gets excited easily and is rarely found not happy, she usually tries to keep a rough n' tough image. She's a teasing person, which can often cross the border to flirting, and if that's ever taken seriously, she will too. She can hold a grudge for any amount of time, and never forgets a face.

    Bullet; OrangeHistory:
  • Danny never found an interest in what the other girls were doing. She'd much rather play in the mud or watch her father tinker. But, while she didn't want to make friends with the girls, the boys didn't want to make friends with her. She spent the majority of her elementary years alone while trying to impress the male students in school, hoping they'd let her hand out with them, but things got better for her as they all grew older. They boys accepted that girls didn't have cooties, and Danny was let in with them, and they were all happy. She played a lot of sports in school and earned passing grades, she was an average student.
  • High school was just about the same for her, but louder, and more experimental. Of course, through these four years and a couple parties was how she discovered she was attracted to both men and women. Even then, she's never been in a relationship.
  • She took a trade class during high school as well, going out of her way every day to learn how to take apart, fix, and build different machines, while she specialized in motor vehicle repair. She had a knack for it, and she had her father and grandfather to thank, for helping and teaching her from a young age. And because of all this, she was able to start her own auto body repair business.

    Bullet; OrangeLikes:
  • Taking things apart
  • Putting them back together
  • Her body
  • Other's bodies
  • Bodies
  • Men's pants
  • Her baby (her wrench)
  • Bitter foods
  • Facts and trivia
  • Video games

    Bullet; OrangeDislikes:
  • Women's clothing
  • Being called Danielle
  • Sweet foods
  • Not getting her way, being told no
  • Feeling stupid
  • Cleaning

    Bullet; OrangeTalents/Skills: 
  • Repairing objects, most notably vehicles
  • Very flexible
    Bullet; OrangeFlaws:
  • Has little experience with relationships
  • Can sometimes forget she's a girl

Additional Information ]

    Bullet; OrangeExtra(s):
  • She often shows affection by rubbing up against the person, or rubbing her nose on theirs, their cheek, etc. Sometimes she'll be too enthusiastic about it and push people over.
  • She has an old busted motorbike she dreams of restoring, and works on it a little bit every day.
  • She wants to get a tattoo but has yet to do so.
  • She wears her tool belt at all times, and keeps it stocked with a wrench, hammer, + and - screwdrivers, and utility knife. Since she knows how to use them, she figures she might as well be prepared when others are not. She uses different tools while working on vehicles, of course.
  • She has rather large thighs and she loves them.
  • She broke her nose once as a child and it didn't heal up perfectly, leaving a bit of a bump. She wears the band-aid to cover it up.
  • She's never afraid to get dirty, and can be often seen grease smeared on her skin and clothes. 
  • Her favorite thing in the world is her 22 in. long wrench. She sometimes refers to it as her baby. If you upset her enough she will threaten you with it, but it's only ever a threat.
  • Her actual name is Danny, and if you call her Danielle she'll swear you as her enemy. I'd advise you to not call her Danielle.
  • Hipsters by day, boxers by night.

Relationship Information ]

    Bullet; OrangeSexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Bullet; OrangeStatus: Single 
    Bullet; OrangeInterested in?: She pretty much either wants to be protected by a man or to protect a woman.

    Bullet; OrangeFamily: 

  • Mother - Phanpy
  • Father - Makuhita

    Bullet; OrangeRelationships: 

 Bullet; WhiteNeutral
 Bullet; BlueAcquaintance
 Bullet; BlueBullet; BlueFriend
 Bullet; GreenBest friend
 Bullet; YellowLust
 Bullet; PinkCrush 
 Bullet; RedLove
 Bullet; PurpleFamily
 Bullet; BlackDespise

Phanpy Gijinka by Art3misTheCactus
Wheelzzz Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
OhmyGosh those muscles. >u< ~<3
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Oh no, I have a weakness for toned gals... BUENO. 

I love her omfg ghdfkmdaeyi
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Beautiful! I enjoy slender, fit girls like her. :love:
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